Health & Character Tests

DNA profil: 237/13 - (ISAG2006) - laboratoř Genservice s.r.o. - 13.05.2013

Eyes: CEA/PRA/Cat. etc. - negative  (MVDr.Barbara Lenska, 9.11.2013, 27.10.2012, 30.9.2009)

X-ray studies of HD: 1/0 (FCI B) (MVDr. Michal Čáp, 14.10.2008)

X-ray studies of ED: 0/0 (MVDr. Michal Čáp, 14.10.2008)

Czech character test: PT100/A/O1P,1P, vivid, well-balanced (PT, max 100pt., A=aport, O=defense)
(10 – 10 – 20 – 5/10 – 15 – 10 – 10 – 10 = 100/A/O1P,1P pt.) see legend in the right column

French character tests: CSAU, TAN Ch exc+ (TCHE)
French Selection:
 sr = sujet recommandé (F) 2009

Dutch character test NVBH:  Sociaal+
Dutch Selection NVBH: pE = Geprimeerd op Exterieur (NL) 2010


Dog at Stud, 63/65 cm – typical head, not enough parallelism, high set and carrying ears, of correct proportions. Eye slightly almond-shaped, obliquely set, brownish colour (medium brown), completed scissor bite: Shorter neck, not enough muscels.  Chest deep, broad, correct forechest, upper line of back and loins is straight, ; only very slightly sloping croups, standard underline. Correct fore- and hind. Tail correct setted and carried of correct lenght. Correct long coat, not open appearence, fauve warm toned, orange, medium carbonage,  complet mask, a very small marking on  forechest, deep  pigmentation. Movement lively and free. Standard and noble male. Correct masculine expression. two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. Show condition, general appearance: compact and elegand dog, well-ballanced character, vivid and friendly. No shoot-reaction.

Extra advantages:  type, expression, chest and character

(06.09.2009 Pňov - Předhradí, judged by Mrs. Hana Pisarčíková)