C.I.B. 2010 & C.I.E. 2010
FCI World Winner 2009  - Euro JWinner 2008
Champion ČMKU 2012 - Czech Grand Champion 2011
Czech Champion 2010
- Slovak Champion  2009 

Czech Junior Champion 2008  
Club-Champion KCHBO 2009
Champion KCHBO 2012 (Obedience)
Exterieur Sélections: s.r. (F) - pE (NL)

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sampleDog Sports

Obedience: OB3, CACT, FMBB (2012, 2013) Czech BSD Champion (2012, 2013)
Agility: A2
Czech BSD ViceChampion Teams (2013)
IPO: IPO2, IPO-V, UPr3, FPr3, StPr1, BH
Mental Tests: CSAU, TAN Ch exc.+ (F), Sociaal+ (NL)
PT100/A/O1P,1P (CZ)

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sampleThe Top Tens

Top Dog ČMKU 2012 & 2009 - 3rd FCI I.
Club Top Ten KCHBO:
2008 - Absolute Young Winner
2009 - Absolute Winner
2011 - Best Adult Belgian (all varrietes)
2012 - Best Adult Belgian (all varrietes)
Club Working Top Ten KCHBO:
2013, 2012, 2011 - Absolute Winner

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Welcome to Dargy's HomePage!

Dargy is a real orange plush dog, of an excellent character and great attitude. He lives in a common household in a family with a child and old Chihuahua male together. Although exterieur blood lines, Dargy is active and successful in several dog sports of various levels also. For us, he is the typical representative of Brain & Beauty.

Dargo Novterpod - Malinois male - at stud; *05.05.2007
Alias: Dargy, Carda, Kagy, Plyšák (Plushman)
, Plyšijen
Breeder: Jitka Maroušková & Míla Beranová (hired out)
Owner/handler/trainer: Vilemina Kracikova

Bred through the s.r., P.E., a. Int.Ch. BAIN Alké, IPO3 SchH3 ZV3 A3 (2/4) back to s.r.Int.Ch. DRECK de la Terre Aimée, Ring3 (3/5) and to Int.Ch. MERO du Maugré (3,4/5) and legendary reproductors as Iago, Kami and Gawrain du Maugré.  

Recent News:

Hot New: born litter in "Sweet Vulcan" (B) - exterieur line breeding from Kato Sweet Vulcan!

Out of plans Dargy passed FPr3 exam (tracking of IPO3) for 79 pts.! After a loooong relax (8 months on the couch) one of my friends invited us to attend the exam-weekend in Ceska Lipa: well, the only exam we could pass was FPr3 (part A of IPO3). We did one training track before - and it looked good... so we came and stand at FPr3 outset... Dargy did well, with an  excellent low nose work, with sure curves in pretty good pace, BUT unfortunately he did not marked any of three objects (although he stopped by each, he didn't stay)... well we lost 3x 7 points out of 100 and we really got the "full" rest: 79 points for the precise work! Not bad if no training and immediately after such a long training break! 

New expected litter in "vom Lahberg" Kennels (D) from pure working female Farida vom Lahberg. Please watch "pregnancy diary" directly on breeder's HP - it is stunning!!

Double Club Shows (KCHBO) Mladá Boleslav: 2x CAC, 2x ČKŠ (working class)

CACIOB competition in Prague: 201,5 (good), with two zeroes :D (very loud heelwork and missed directed retrieve)

DUO CACIB Brno: 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x BOB + Cruft's Qualified (all from working class)


Fresh Solutions ...

17.7.2014: Kato brought 7 puppies to the world! They are 5 males and 2 females!

18.6.2014: Farida vom Lahberg visited us with her breeder Armin ;) They came from Germany. Thank you for so high thinking about and for choosing our male to mate your cute Farida!